godnix (greyfeld) wrote,

Scrabble & such

Played a nice game of scrabble with a couple of the offspring-persons. By nice, of course i mean that the least number of points made by any one person in any one turn was twelve; most plays were much higher, since we are all such clever fellows. I won the game, but seriously; when I put the "X" on a certain spot that they wished I'd hadn't (because it would be hard to open up the board to more development in that direction), they pointed out another play (giving me ax and ox) and insisted I take it; which I graciously did, thereby increasing my score for that round from 33 to 50 (the x was on a triple letter, making it a 24-point tile in either direction); and later in the game got to gain points from that same letter again, filling in two "e"'s for a total of twenty-one points. (the words were pee, oxen, and ed, one of the e's covering a double letter score). It sort of went like that.
Tags: games, random

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