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road trip

leaving at 5 AM Wed. for a road trip to nc.... of course leaving all sorts of little details to the last minute. Will be attending a regional conference for Habitat for Humanity, actually getting to meet Habitat founder Millard Fuller, which should be a treat.

Will try to keep up.... hotels these days have pretty decent net access, so may be able to post some reflections from the road, as I'm taking with me a laptop for a "road test" .... departing from my usual Mac-centric world, it's a linux box which, though a bit venerable, is pretty well equipped and chockfull of nifty free software. I'll probably end up buying the thing, as for the price it will be reasonably functional, and portability is a desirable feature for me right now....

anyway, nothing philosophickal tonight, just an expectation that from now till this time next week I will get next to NO SLEEP. 'Sokay, I'm at my best when overstressed... really, it's true.

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