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Road trip, overcommitment, vaca(*tion)/(*ncy)....

Tying up loose ends so the two of us can take to the road this evening.  We'll be gone a week or so; all the offspring-persons being responsible adult humans, after such fashion as those can exist these days, with daily routines, incomes and all.  Me, I've been on the edge of overwhelmed with the unfortunate penchant so typical of me, to take on more than I can reasonably expect to accomplish; it feeds the voracious ego, and there are, I guess, worse sorts of self-destruction than noble workaholism.  Anyway, like Sauron when he notices the Ring is melting, I will briefly let my mind shake free from all the wide web of entanglements which make up the bulk of my quotidian existence these days, and unlike Sauron, who became extremely focused in a matter of moments, charge into another, looser, but more wide-reaching web. 

Seriously contemplating ways of becoming radically unbusy on a more systemic basis, so as to accomplish one or two things.... it usually doesn't work, but hey, that's just so far.

Somehow, taking time to write even a little seems like it might help.  Thanks for listening.

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