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The Fickle Finger of Fandom; other things

Last month, it was seen in some circles as a sign of great spiritual awakening that the box-office bonanza of the moment was Mel Gibson's version of the Passion Play. I wonder what it means, in those same circles, that since then the top spot has been dominated by the undead and, this past weekend, by an overgrown, horned, tailed, red devil?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a certified lifelong Jesus freak myself; but I thought Hellboy told an arguably more convincing, if in its own way also heavy-handed (!) story of redemption this time around than was found in Mel's Graphic Gospel of Gore.

Smiley report: Test today shows no hole or other cardiac defect that could account for blood clots leading to TIA's; this good news is, essentially, bad news, in that there is nothing really to be done except for going with more potent blood-thinners, to forestall the next time her brain goes "ping". The plan on the home front: enjoy every moment; in all cases the future is unknowable.

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