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on philosophickal ruminations

thought i'd paint you the picture, as it were, behind the title of this lj.... a rumination is an activity engaged in characteristically by a ruminant, that is, an animal which regurgitates previously consumed, partly digested material for the purposes of slow and thorough mastication. So here we are, chewing our intellectual cud.
Bombarded as we are with thoughts and ideas without number, humans especially in this modern day are in for a peculiar form of heartburn if we just swallow whole whatever we are fed. Best to bring back up some of those bits of information, thoughts and ideas, and chew them over a bit. Some, we may decide to spit out. Others, even the tough ones, may nourish us if we spend enough time working on them. But an idea which is passed on, without benefit of such process, is likely to prove to be so much bullpoopoo.

Thus, under the rubric of Philosophickal Ruminations, anything worth thinking about is fair game. I once told someone that I'm good at asking sticky questions because it's pretty easy for me to get stuck. What does (phamiliar frase X) mean?

As observation of cattle in a field will tell you, rumination is pretty much a solitary process, although several critters might engage in it, more or less in parallel, and take, presumably, some comfort in each others' quiet company. So if some of the things I spit out here, having chewed them over, stick in your craw, or give you a bellyache, or whatever (and somebody remind me not to get too wound up with extended metaphors), why, go ahead and do some chewing of your own.

One of the things, you may notice, that I like to chew on, is matters of process, rather than mere content. Hardly an ounce of content in these paragraphs, just some ruminations about the process of rumination. Welcome to my world.
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