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Ugh. Sore throat, that bloated feeling. Tired, etc. However....

Took advantage of the opportunity to declare a quasi-sickday today (and took much of yesterday, too, which is, in theory, my day off) to finish reading the second volume of Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle, The Confusion. I can see that when I finish the cycle, another read of Cryptonomicon will be in order. If you like history, philosophy, economics, cryptology, high romance, military tactics, fantasy, and/or want to know more than your brain can hold about shipbuilding, there's something in this yarn for you. Anyway, it's a great way to waste a day when you're not doing much anyway.

These two days have been atypical, in that I've used the sore throat to back off from the wall-to-wall meetings, visits, hospital calls, and such that fill my quotidien existence. In the morning I'm at it again, however, eighty miles to Baltimore for a three-hour meeting, then home again to prepare for Sunday activities.

Meanwhile, there is war, rumour of war, politics and lies. Friends diagnosed with cancer, surgeries past, imminent and planned, and my role as a local wonder worker who earns that title just by, more or less consistently, showing up. Life is grand.

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