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One of those moments

Ever have an idea or a thought that, once you thought of it, was just so obvious that you were astounded you've never heard it before? Earlier today I was driving from the store with sorpigal, musing on the current craziness going on in the world, and one of those moments happened. And its obviousness became apparent in this little exchange:

Me: Y'know, it seems to me that if John Kerry were smart, he'd steal a page from Ronald Reagan's campaign playbook and pre-empt a major issue in the process. A one-liner that would get everybody's attention, like Reagan did when Carter was working hard to combat high interest rates and a struggling economy.

S (way ahead of me): "Do you feel safer than you did four years ago?"

Bingo. The very words.

Wonder if anybody in the campaign will be smart enough to catch that thought as it floats about in the ether.

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