godnix (greyfeld) wrote,

My tweets

  • Mon, 13:23: Every day is a new day. Greet the day gladly. Treasure each moment, and enjoy the company of the ones who share today's adventures with you.
  • Mon, 13:27: My soul yearns for you in the night; my spirit within me earnestly seeks you. For when your judgments are in… http://t.co/NDVZlyAH
  • Tue, 10:13: Every day is a new day. Greet the day knowing that you are loved, and your greatest purpose is to give the same knowledge to someone today.
  • Tue, 10:15: "Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white a… http://t.co/3fryj9uR
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