February 9th, 2004

cat quilt painting

Nonstop mystical experience

Overwork is one side of the equation. Total laziness is the other. There seems to be no middle ground.

What I do with my life is to re-present the presence of Infinite Mystery in the mundane world, by how I work and by how I do not work. In a recent interview, Dennis Kucinich said that he is always meditating; including during the interview.

Working and resting. I remembered a little poem I wrote, like, thirty-seven years ago or so.
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Funny how something like that can come back after so many years.

Anyway, I'm wiped. Got a presentation to do in eight hours just, and today I've been fighting an incipient migraine headache. I do nothing all week, and go nonstop from friday to monda- make that tuesday at least. Obladi.

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