April 3rd, 2004

cat quilt painting

Good vs. Evil and how can you tell?

The offspring-persons dragged me out to see Hellboy this evening. A bit disjointed in the storytelling, calling for some rather large stretches here and there in the suspension-of-disbelief department, but fun, with touching moments and a genuine if occasionally corny point to make. Not bad as live-action comix go.

I thought the most romantic moment was the bit with the cigar and the wooden match. Really.

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cat quilt painting

Smiley update

Thought I'd mention: this week she's noticed (and finally got around to mentioning) a few disturbing symptoms, like half her tongue feeling a bit thick sometimes, biting her lip a bit much on that side, and occasionally finding herself speechless —just for a moment, then it goes away. Well, she made the mistake (as she said to me later) of mentioning this to one of her co-workers, a fairly high muckamuck at the hospital where she works, and next thing you know, she's got accelerated appointments for diagnostics she had scheduled for later this month; in fact, she's now on the schedule for Monday to go in for a thing called a TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram) where they basically take an ultrasound image of the heart via a nifty little device that goes down the throat. What they're looking for (or wanting to rule out) is a teeny little hole in the backside of her heart, which, if it's there, could account for the emergence of itty bitty blood clots which could be causing the trouble when they travel to the brain. To find such a thing would be good news, because it's repairable—something to do with teflon. If no source of clotting is located, then the protocol calls for yet more powerful anticoagulants, as preventive therapy. Joy.

So the adventure continues....