October 4th, 2004

cat quilt painting

A brief aside...

After many long years as a committed peacenik for reasons both philosophical, theological, mystical and temperamental (yes, I realize that's four things, which is a lot of freight for the word "both" to carry: never mind), I have come to realize one simple, basic flaw in the whole nonviolent way of being. I admit it here, so as to make it clear that the obvious is not completely lost on me, to wit:

Fighting is Fun!

Alas, this is an observable fact. But not to despair; after all, no one turns out to be more committed to nonviolence (and the fact that fighting as a way of life can also get so old as to be downright tedious) than Vash the Stampede, hero (?) of the anime series Trigun: a Messiah-figure if ever there was one.

So here's to invincible, heroic, larger than life fighters who can crush you like an insect but would never hurt a fly.

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