July 22nd, 2006

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Dead Man's Chest

Well, so we got ourselves together around here for some catching-up, movie-wise. Last week aa few of us took in Superman Returns, mostly because I had not seen the first Pirates film and it was felt that the proper order should be followed. Accordingly, sorpigal, who has recently acquired a Netflix account, got a copy of the first one and we watched it Thursday evening. That left us free to see Dead Man's Chest, except of course that my Friday was horribly busy and I had a meeting that lasted until eight p.m., causing us to miss the 7-ish showings. Our nearby cinema didn't have a later screening, so we (five of us, as it turned out) bundled in for a 10:10 showing a bit further away. After a small adventure involving suspicious activity of a young person crossing a busy highway on foot and being questioned by police (long story, perhaps embarrassing for the person involved) we got there barely on time.... only missed part of the first trailer.

The movie? It was great fun. I grinned stupidly almost throughout. Johnny Depp is, of course, peerless in his presentation of a character. There are sequences where a degree of suspension of disbelief is needed to rival that required for, say, the airplane-jumping scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but the difference is that in this case, the decision to suspend did not, for the most part, make one wince.

Beyond that, there are things to appreciate on many levels. It will warrant a re-viewing.