August 20th, 2006

cat quilt painting

Lost Christianity

Your only freedom consists in where to place your attention.

Pulling more things out of the archives, I found some curious notes I made between five and fifteen years ago (the file in question dates from January 2001, but is based on earlier notes). Some of my friends may be interested in it, hence the provided link. At the risk of tearing some rather difficult thoughts hopelessly out of context, an excerpt:
In short, the soul is not a fixed entity.[...] it is a movement, that begins whenever a man or woman experiences the psychological pain of contradiction. It is an actual energy, but one that is only at some beginning stage of its development and action. Every day, every more or less average individual experiences the appearance of this energy in its most embryonic stage. Whenever there is pain or contradiction, this energy of the soul is released or activated. Lost Christianity is the lost or forgotten power of man or woman to extract the pure energy of the soul from the experiences that make up his or her life. This possibility is distinct only in the most vivid or painful moments of our ordinary lives, but it can be discovered in all experiences if one knows how to seek it.