July 11th, 2008

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Waiting for an iPhone.

Waiting for an iPhone. It's July 11, 2008 and I moseys on over in the mid-morning to my local AT&T store, figuring that the early rush for new iPhones in this rural county would have died down a bit. Instead what I found was a line of people stretching around three sides of the building. A quick inquiry with members of this queue let me know that the 8 GB models were already sold out, so this line was holding out for 16GB version.

Half an hour goes by. Having moved around the corner, I hear an employee tell someone that UPS just came and "now they have phones." we'll see.

Fifteen minutes later, we saw. Out of phones, come back tomorrow, or else come in and order your phone & we'll have it dropshipped to you. I opted to jump out of line and go back later, maybe next Tuesday.