October 3rd, 2010

cat quilt painting

Let me take you down, cause I'm going to...

Well, I'm really not going to Strawberry Fields, not today or literally at any rate. A quarter mile from where we used to live, at the edge of a park in Albany, New York, there was (and probably still is) a little resting-place with some park benches, a stylized stone image of John Lennon, and a plaque identifying this as Strawberry Fields, courtesy of a donation made by Yoko Ono, in her husband's memory. Lennon would be turning 70 years old, in just a few days from now. He's got slightly under ten years on me, but his loss was now half my life ago. Do the math.

LiveJournal, I confess I have all but abandoned you, permanent account and all, in favor of much younger and sexier temptresses called Facebook and Twitter, not to mention my own quasi-respectable blogs powered by WordPress. But you introduced me to social networking, before this was such a buzzword, and long before the Web hit the fabled Version 2.0. I've been fickle, going after greener pastures, and I can't say that I'm fully repentant even yet. Still, you provide a friendlier ambience for actual journaling, something I've done all to little of even on my own local machine. So, I'm back, at least for now, a more mature version of polyblogism.

Let's see if the neologism which ended that last paragraph catches on. In the astronomically unlikely event that it becomes a meme, take note that you saw it first right here. I just made it up.

Anyway, I've been busy, rather too much so, and it's all because of the weird notion that somehow I'm old enough to behave like a grownup by now.  Not that there are a lot of grownups around the place, as I'm sure the reader will automatically want to remind me when I tell you that among other things, I spent 117 days this year as a politician.

It was an interesting, enlightening, and for the most part fun experience.  I didn't win the local primary, and I want to think it was because I had too few yard signs and spent too little money, rather than that I spent too little time talking about how bad the other choices were.  

So I'm back to being your garden-variety country preacher, issues advocate, disgustingly liberal do-gooder, in about that order.  I've aways thought there ought to come a stage in one's life when the opinions of others begin to matter less and less.  Maybe that's where I'm headed, in which case you can add curmudgeonly geezer to the list.  I'm working on figuring out how to work that persona to maximum effect. 

So:  a ramble.  Life is good, I'm in reasonable health, over-blessed with all the obscene privileges that come with being a resident of the dominant country on the planet with access to waay more than my share of resources (offset, as is true for the country as a whole, by an unsustainable debt to match).  I should really be well past the point of wondering what I'm going to be when I grow up.