November 23rd, 2010

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Personal updates etc

 Some more actual journaling...

Well, Smiley is better, back to walking with her friend.  Between positive prayer and good medicine, something worked. I leave the figuring out of cause and effect as an exercise fo the reader.

I've been working on this thing of behaving like an actual grown-up for some time now.  Parts of it, I like; the part where you can get stuff done and make a difference.  The pathological parts, by way of which one exaggerates on's own sense of self-importance, I could do without:   too exhausting.  

<grossout warning: personal/medical>
I've spent the summer without teeth.  Literally, I've been a toothless old man since July.  Had the remaining lower set yanked early that month, and two new implants placed at the same time.  Been four months waiting for the bone graft to fully take, and I am scheduled to get the final (?) visit to place the actual denture on November 30th.  Meanwhile I have these handy-dandy titanium posts sticking out of my lower jaw. 

Meanwhile, I can't eat (much).  I can, but it's slow and painful and I have to think about it every time. The temporary denture is not a perfect fit, so even with glue it doesn't stay in place for anything that requires real chewing.   I can't eat a bagel.  I managed a bit of a salad last week.  But the short of it is, a side benefit of this temporary disaster is that I have shed some pounds.  Thirty or more of them.  I had to buy a new belt because my pants were falling down over my hips.  Consequently, I look better than I've done for many years.  Feel pretty good, too.

Also in June and July, I had a sleep study done, was officially diagnosed with sleep apnea (whereby I stop breathing about once every eight minutes and fifteen seconds, all night long; until the brain screams "Oxygen, please!" and I wake up enough to breathe some more), which explained why I have been dragging around exhausted, falling asleep in meetings and at stop lights, yadda yadda, for way too long.  Anyway, now I have a handy-dandy machine by my bed that will push air into my nose whether I want it or not.  Result:  More energy, better health, probably easier track to weight loss also.  </grossout warning: personal/medical>

Anyway, after all this, and politics too, and loads of issues that have required every ounce of that extra new-found energy, I need a bit of a break.  Will do a bit of traveling after Thanksgiving; to the Midwest for a niece's wedding, and then to hang out with unclehyena for a few days.  

Every year at about this time, as I see various friends engaged in NaNoWriMo, I tell myself, "Self, you've got to buckle down and get some writing done."  This year is more pathetic than usual.  I've not posted so much as a poem since June.  So I'm making no foolish promises, this time.  However, I've taken a couple of steps to make my one published book more visible.  We'll see if that eventuates in any significant actual sales. 

Ok, that's it for now.  I have a ton of actual grownup things to go do today.