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In case I forgot to say so, I wish all of my readers and fans out there a Happy New Year. You know who you are.

I've never really done the new years resolution thing. Seems a waste of time. However, just for funsies, and to take up space, here's a short list anyway. Some things I'd like to see Resolved include:

1. Resolved, that 2004 does not look as much like the fictional 1984 at the end of the year as it does at the beginning.

That's all I can say right now about the state of the world. if this is Prayer as Performance Art, I'd say that the prayer for peace ought not to be seasonally adjusted. Okay, that's two:

2. Resolved, that the prayer for peace comes to be regarded as something other than blasphemous, that is, anti-American, and as something more than the stuff of holiday greetings.

Now can I get on to the personal stuff? Thank you.

3. Make significant financial headway in getting out from under the sharks. Earn more; spend less; survive.

4. Keep under 200 pounds. Get below 180, if possible. Exercise.

5. Don't obsess about changes I can't make.

6. Do obsess about changes I can make.

7. Write. Give ideas away.

8. Throw away what's not worth keeping.

9. Take the !@#*& vacation time.

10. Lighten up. A lot. Laugh. Make music.
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