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Two American Pastimes

Talking on the phone with my brother last night, baseball came back on my radar screen. As a lifelong, on-again-off-again. Red Sox fan who lives outside New England these days, I've been unable to switch loyalties or to get much excited except when the Sox look like they might, once again, break our hearts.

Now it comes to my attention that Boston has clinched the wild card, and the age-old Red Sox/Yankees rivalry comes to a head this week. With a chance this late in the season for the AL pennant. Boston could, once again, have a shot at the Series. The first game of the World Series this year is October 23, in the AL team's home stadium.

Who are the contenders, then, that might make for their counterpart in the National League? This rarely interests me much, except for the doomsday scenario involving a matchup with the Cubs, which almost happened not too long ago (somebody can remind me of dates; I here reveal that I'm not a *real* fan, as I don't just now remember). But on the short list, this year, is the Houston Astros —the NL's wildcard team.

Hello, politics. How about a home team matchup the last week of October for our two main contenders for national office? That, for sure, would be a proxy fight worth paying attention to.

It's a great country, where a man can still dream.

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