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Life as Role-Play

Tomorrow, as I do every week, I get to perform the magic which earns my bread. In the face of between probably forty-five and sixty-five souls, supported by music and a series of ritual motions (Greetings, Announcements, Invocation, Offering, Reading, and the like) I'll launch into Performance Art lasting anywhere from fifteen to forty minutes, interweaving the Interpretation of Texts with the Interpretation of Life, re-presenting to the gathered faithful the Familiar and the Mysterious in one package; In short, by speaking of the Historical, the Contemporary, the Infinite, the Local, the Ancient, the Modern, the Cosmic and the Personal, it might happen — might, I tell you— that someone will experience an Epiphany (appropriate to the day on the calendar), a recognition that the Divine and the Ordinary are not separated by a Gulf so Unbridgeable that it is impossible to inhabit, as it were, both Worlds.

Some of my children tell me (admiringly, I like to think) that I'm a Fraud; my friend unclehyena tells me that I've got a nice little setup going for myself. I can't strictly argue with either point.

I will say, however, that if I'm a Fraud, I'm an honest one: I move most comfortably in the Christian idiom, given that I address the Mystery that surrounds me by the name of Jesus, and have done so for nigh on unto thirty-three years. My son complains that I let people think that they know what I'm talking about, because I use this idiom so freely; I prefer to say that I'm reclaiming the traditional language for its proper use, and respond with the words of the consummate teacher from Galilee, "let the one with ears, hear."

Which is to say, that I am no more a fraud than were so many who precede me, who spoke both from within and beyond the tradition they inherited, whether they be Hebrew prophets or Christian reformers, not to mention, no doubt, many from traditions less closely allied to either.

The real magic, or miracle as it is called within this idiom, is that my actions contribute, in some measure, to the weaving together of a community bound together by something they can't see, actively engaged in taking up, in some way or other, of one another's burdens. Some are eased in their suffering; some may find truth despite me.

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