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Back to norbal, sort of

Okay, now that the baseball interlude is done, I bring a fresh supply of satisfaction with that outcome into my general outlook on life. The whole Red Sox thing is a bit strange for me, since ordinarily I'm not a sports fan at all, to speak of. It comes from having grown up in New England, I think; also the only professional sports event I ever attended while growing up (or since, for that matter, now you mention) was at Fenway Park. It's okay; I'm better now. But really, the look of sheer delight on the face of Pedro Martinez as he watched that last game from the dugout was almost worth all the suffering years.

Word is that Bill Buckner, the hapless first baseman from 1986 Game 6, is alive and well in Idaho or some such place, and is pleased that Boston finally won. Unfortunate that he has had to carry with him the burden, unfairly assigned to be sure, of the Curse for the last 18 years.


For some reason the last few days I've about lost my appetite. Maybe it's the World Series; maybe it's the election; maybe it's that I gained a bit of weight over the past month and just don't NEED to eat; but out of a sense of duty I'm having maybe one small meal per day, and don't miss the rest. We'll see what happens with that after next Tuesday. Speaking of which:

Here's my prayer for the election: Please, God, give us a clear outcome. Something definitive, so by Wednesday night there is a clear result, and we can get back to something like confidence that when the people participate, their voice is heard. Now you know I've got my preference as to who I'd like to see return to a quiet, peaceful, private life, and leave the business of governing to others; but I'm not even asking (well, not much) that the person I will vote for wins. I'm just asking for a clear outcome, so that we can all return to the happy illusion that our system actually still works.

I've been trying to think how I can properly talk about this election process, from a spiritual perspective, without getting all political in the sense of claiming to know which candidate God endorses. Here's what I would like to say:

Of the two major candidates for President of the United States, neither one is God's man. Nor is either one the devil incarnate. I know this is hard to swallow, but the Democrat vs. Republican thing is not equal to Good vs. Evil (whichever side you'd want to assign to each label).

Christians, hear me well: You already have a savior. The best we can hope for the leaders we select is that they will properly represent our own collective (and extraordinarily fallible) persona. If you want someone to represent the Will of God, don't look to a leader who eagerly grasps for the prize that the Devil offered Jesus as one of the Temptations: the opportunity to rule the world.

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