godnix (greyfeld) wrote,

Still alive. Journaling again. Or rambling, anyhow.

Okay, so this may not be my first actual post in 2013, but it comes close.  A few things have happened this year.  Let me explain. No, is too much. Let me sum up.

We started the year with a fabulous short vacation in Hawaii. I've got pictures.  Other than that and a nice trip to Florida in the fall, and a quick weekend trip in the summer to New England for a wedding, I've gone about nowhere all year.  Struggling  up from the downside of my mildly bipolar nature, exercised less, took no classes, done not so many great things.  Smiley had moderate to severe health issues that took lots of attention through the summer. But we have slogged along, and got a few things done. Hello, journal, this  is where I talk about what we did do.

Had some work done on the house:  fixed a door and finished the two bedrooms where we had put up the wall between them.  Got some plumbing leaks stopped.  And oh yes, last week we had solar panels put on the roof.  Waiting now for the 'lectric company to do its inspection (the county inspection passed), so they can swap out the meter and we can turn on the new system.  That should save us some bucks over time.

Speaking of saving some bucks, it seems every time I have had to take the car in for repair the last few years it costs me several hundred, or a thousand, or more.  A few months ago it started making unhappy noises and was still doing it even after two of t hose expensive trips to the shop. Smiley started worrying that I might suddenly find myself without a working vehicle, and urged me to go shopping for something reliable.  This ended up coinciding in point of time with the thanksgiving-weekend clearance sale at our favorite dealership, and the upshot is that I now am driving the first brand new (sort of) car I have ever owned.  Warranted for maintenance and repair for the first hundred thousand miles or five years, whichever comes first (hint:  it'll be the hundred thousand).  I say "sort of" because as a showroom demo model it had logged over 4,000 miles in test drives and whatnot before I ever drove it off the lot.  Still, rather nice:  bells and whistles, some fancy electronics which make it not-quite-a-hybrid, and pretty good fuel efficiency for its class.  I got the tags today, finally, and the operations manual; still waiting for the second key, which somehow was missing and they had not, in the great rush of holiday selling, ordered it until today.

Other things, just to catch up:  had a mole taken off my back in October, and two weeks later got a call from the dermatologist saying I needed to come back in so they could take out everything around it:  ended up being a good-sized chunk of flesh.  It was right in that spot on the back that you can't see and can't quite reach, right in the middle.  So I had a follow up visit, all was fine, last week; and now I guess I'll be getting looked over for possible skin cancers every three to six months from now until whenever.  I guess it is one of the blessings of longevity that one gets better acquainted with a variety of medical specialists.  Yay.

The other slightly significant thing is that I finally got my one book converted into digital format, so it is now available online.  I'll link that in a separate post, if I haven't done so already.  If you follow the link and download the book, I'll get something like two bucks.

Oh yes, one more thing.  I have hearing aids now. Got so tired of always hearing the crickets at all times of the day and seasons of the year, that I sprung for the hearing test, shopped around, and got a pretty good deal on some high-end devices.  The pair retail for over eight grand (and insurance doesn't cover it); somehow I got enough discounts to bring that down to about six.  So yeah, it's been an expensive year for gadgetry.

Looking forward to 2014:  The Year of the Payoff?

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