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From the tinfoil hat department

From an unknown source:

With tinfoilhat firmly ensconced on my head, and looking forward a couple of days to what might happen if the current leadership of the country finds that they have been rejected both by the popular vote AND the electoral college, I find it necessary to unburden myself of the following question, with the request that everyone who reads this reproduces this question in your own journal, comments in other journals, letters to the editor, billboards, and whatnot, :

Does anyone have any clue about what ever happened to the "shadow government"?

If you recall, there were some news accounts about this in the months before, and shortly after, September 11 2001. But those news stories stopped, abruptly. The most recent one I find on Google is from February 2002:


Emphasizing that I have no knowledge about this except what I read, once upon a time, in the papers (and noting that, oddly, even media references to "Undisclosed Locations has tapered to nothingness), I just wonder, in this land of the free, whence arises such intense media silence over what was, and should be, a most interesting topic.

I will propound here a theory, which admittedly is only a theory. Namely, that there exists a "secret law" (remember that there are such things now, in the Land of the Free?) which absolutely FORBIDS anyone who knows anything at all about the workings of the Shadow Government referenced in the above news article, including whether or not it even still exists or ever existed, from saying anything at all to anyone about it, period. I take it that, since I have no such knowledge, I would be exempt from whatever horrific punishments said imagined law might specify, but who knows?

I find this interesting enough that it seems to deserve passing around. This paranoid moment has been brought to you as a public service by a citizen of the United States of America.
Tags: politics

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