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Today's performance

Nice thing about being a preacher is, there's a chance at developing an idea at some length. One time somebody asked me how I can get up and speak in front of so many people at once. I was a little surprised, because I hadn't really thought about it like that... and came to the realization that in that setting, I'm always only ever talking to one person. It's the Conversation, which is always at its best a one on one event. It's just that I may not know, in specific, who that one interlocutor is... or whether, in fact, there is another one; but it is as Kierkegaard said, about his Edifying Discourses, which are always addressed simply to "that solitary individual."

It could be claimed (and who could argue?) that the conversation is between "that solitary individual" and God, with myself serving as something like an on-the-fly interpreter, a translator, mediating the language somewhat.... like a functionary at a foreign embassy. This could leave a question as to who is on whose foreign soil, but I suspect from somewhere in the Aether, there would come a voice reminiscent of the Red Queen's response to Alice: "I don't know how you could have lost your way. All the ways round here are MY ways...." But I digress.

Which, of course, I have every right to do.... the Conversation is an endless spiral of digressions, bypaths, twists and turns, because to get right to the Point would be, well.... pointless, in a way. The Conversation itself is, in some fashion, the point; the journey is the destination; the Word is God.

I had thought I would get to some summary of the content of today's performance, but it's so much more fun talking about the process...

I wish I were a storyteller. That would be to approach Divinity. What I am, however, is a humble translator of the stories that I see unfolding before me. I explain an obscure word, here and there. A mere functionary, after all, meddling in the affairs of wizards and dragons.

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