godnix (greyfeld) wrote,

(see John 6:24-66)

cry to god for me said the seasick crowd
we don't know how to say the words out loud.
give us comfort, patience, peace, and tell me now,
we're ok doing the best that we know how.

cry to god yourself the heartsick shepherd said,
and tell him how your bellies want more bread.
But if you'll stomach what I have to feed
there'll be enough and more for all you need.

i'll give you blood to drink to quench your thirst
so drain the cup my friends and do you worst
and if you're still not full, my chosen few,
here, have some meat to sink your teeth into.

now you're the priest whose sacrificial knife
must draw from me this most abundant life.
but if you will not join me at this feast
you'll find no help in seeking out a priest.

At this the crowd, in horror and in shame
turned back from him and ceased to call his name.

bob buehler 19 september 1990
Tags: poetry

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