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My lovely spouse came home today from the second day on her new job with a fever. Calling in sick on Day 3? Not the greatest thing, but may be necessary. She's snuggled in nicely now, will miss the evening's meetings, and we'll see how she does by morning.

Also in the down-with-something category, the 2nd of my progeny, who begins an intensive accounting class tomorrow morning, is sleeping the day away, also feeling ill. I'm quite surrounded.

Be that as it may, the pay rate for aforesaid spousal employment is set to be somewhat significantly more than what was realized on her behalf last year; giving me a glimmer of hope that the sharks can be dealt with all the more quickly.

It has rained, all day; I did make it to the gym this morning, for a feeble effort at restarting something like a disciplined life again. Let it slip yesterday to a table-load of middle school students that I've got another book in the works; now they want to see the first one and hear regular reports about the one in progress. Maybe that will serve a motivator to dust off the brain-gears on the Search for Integrity. I told them I've already written the first chapter half a dozen times; 'twould be more accurate to say the first page. One day, perhaps, I'll wake up with the whole idea once again looking like a worthy task waiting to be undertaken, rather than a high wall obstructing any attempt to climb.

Despite the rain, and the gloom, and the quotidian uncertainties, it is good to be alive.

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