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A brilliant Plan

Now that it is firmly established that the era of "the era of big government is over" is over, it is obvious that the corporate cronies of the current Power are salivating over all the ways they can cash in. The right-with creed: if it helps business, it's good; if it helps actual breathing humans, it's bad.

So I've got the perfect solution.

****rant on****
A movement to incorporate every family, nay, every poor struggling soul (Joe on the Corner, Inc.). No more will we waste a federal dime on subsidizing such a terrible thing as wages, which after all drive up business costs. No! Let's turn that federal largesse toward Profit! If Joe on the Corner (the human) gets a job sweeping gutters, that is a terrible thing because it Costs Some Company Money. BUT, If Joe On The Corner, Inc, SELLS his gutter-sweeping service, that is wonderful because it is Helping Business. Nay: suppose Momma Mary gets a government payment to help support her four children, that is Completely Awful, a Welfare Dependency, an Entitlement that is Draining our Needed Federal Resources that should be devoted to more useful things such as War. BUT, if Momma Mary's Child Development "Agency, Inc., gets a government payment, THAT is a Stimulus to the Economy in the form of Encouraging Small Business.

With a little effective lobbying, we could even get a budget line item out of Congress that would pay for Business Creation: to cover the incorporation fees of millions of Small Business Owners in America. Wonderful! The Corporate Welfare State!

***rant off***

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