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Here we go... Life as performance art

It's either feast or famine, this life. The past few weeks I've felt a bit guilty, thinking I'm not really staying busy or productive enough (though illness in the family, etc., has kept me distracted enough); but the pendulum swings, and here comes an outline of my week.

Yesterday (Monday) involved, in addition to normal routines, some crisis counseling with an outstanding gentleman who is confronting some severe personal problems. Come evening I went to choir practice (this is the community choral group that I just re-joined) where the fellow who just lost his wife approached me about saying a few words at the private burial on Saturday, in addition to the memorial service last Thursday. I agreed, only to find on checking my calendar at home that I have an out of town meeting scheduled for that same day. Gak, I hate it when I double-book.

Thursday night is the Board meeting for Habitat for Humanity in our county (I'm treasurer, and must report that we're spending money twice as fast as receiving it); Friday is an out-of-town meeting that I DID know about; it's a district clergy group, and I'm supposed to bring a report about proposed by-laws changes. Then, of course, Sunday is Sunday. Next week includes early morning meetings on both Wednesday and Thursday, at the latter of which I have to give a presentation; for which, of course, some preparation must also be made.

That leaves me today (Tuesday) and tomorrow to visit each of several persons on my list, and make all the preparations for Sunday. Not bad for a guy who only works one hour a week. Oh, also someone called while I was out yesterday wanting to schedule a wedding for July 31 -- the date of yet another out-of-town conference, and hence either another double-booking, or else I have to suggest a different date.

So, it's off to the races. In the next life, perhaps I'll be a monk....

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