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100.6 degrees Fahrenheiit

Kof, kof. Hack. Ccchhhwwwhhhakkk-ptui.

Well, the whole weekend was taken up with this nasty upper respiratory thing, and here it is Tuesday morning and I'm shivering under the blankets. So I get up (hack, kof), and check the temp. Normally I run sub-normal, which is to say that if I register as high as the standard 98.6 it's a fine reason to call it a sickday. So, I was going to do some things today, but prudence suggests that I take another lazy day. Not a good idea to visit the sick if I'm going to bring them a germ that could take them out, eh?

Aarrggh. What's the point of doing next to nothing if you don't get to enjoy it a little?
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