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Will we really get off the rock?

According to the state of the Union speech last night, there are numerous priorities for the current administration, chiefly the "war" but also a few other things, such as education, which he listed as a priority but I listened in vain for any commitment of actual resources to support his unfunded "no child left behind" initiative. No, wait, he did propose a specific expenditure of dollars for one project that is (marginally) education-related; namely, drug testing in schools. Money for getting the police state into the routine expectations of the next generation, but none for their actual education. Check.

When is an initiative not an initiative? When its promoter treats it like a cleft-palate bastard child. Completely and significantly absent from the speech was any reference to the moon-mars space travel initiative. Don't be fooled, folks; that's even less airtime than the now-forgotten enthusiasm for hydrogen fuel cell technology got last year. Watch for cutbacks in funding for all other NASA programs in the pipeline, until some future administration —it matters not, at this moment, from which party— makes the hard but noble decision that we just need to take care of the home planet first.
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