godnix (greyfeld) wrote,

Pacifism and Terrorism

Many thoughts have been rumbling in my brain, these most recent weeks. Sorting them out will be an editor’s job, one day so let me jump in in the middle…..

Let’s talk about civil disobedience and terrorism. I met someone this summer, a grown man, who had never even considered the idea that being willing to die and being willing to kill are not necessarily the same thing. He wouldn’t know the difference between a pacifist and a terrorist.

The provocative claim I want to make is that at some deep level, the suicide bomber and the practitioner of civil disobedience — I’m thinking here of our old friends Mahatma “Great Soul” Gandhi and Martin Luther King, and those who are influenced by them — have, I would suggest, several commonalities and one major difference.

read the rest here....

Happy Friday the 13th, everybody!
Tags: history, integrity, links, politics, rant

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