godnix (greyfeld) wrote,

What the heck, could have been worse

Your Score: Edmund Husserl

You scored 50 realism, 55 rationalism, 33 materialism, and 50 atomism!

Your philosopher is Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl, (April 8, 1859 - April 26, 1938), philosopher, was born into a Jewish family in Prostějov (Prossnitz), Moravia, Czech Republic (then part of the Austrian Empire). He is known as the "father" of phenomenology.

You concentrate on the ideal, essential structures of consciousness. You think that that the world of objects is normally conceived of in what he called the "natural attitude", which is characterized by a belief that objects themselves have certain properties and in seeing these objects we come to understand what is inherent in them.

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Tags: meme, philosophy, quiz

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