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By way of, if not beginning, getting started

Nothing profound, this time. It's the last day of December, 2003 and I'm considering the passage of time. Last thing I knew, I was a young person just learning about the world, and kind of waiting for my life to begin; now I'm an established, successful (!) person who commands respect among my peers.

The usual accumulations and accretions have gathered around me over the last oh, thirty years or so. Family, including marginally functional offspring; friends (more than my due share); some significant debts, and some rather less significant assets; opinions on topics ranging far and wide; a certain amount of fame and/or notoriety, in an eclectic range of contexts; and a brain stuffed full of bits of information, some of it useful, and more of it interesting.

Within the next few years (2004-2007 or so) I expect my children will become self-sufficient enough to, one by one, find their own space. I'll pay off most of the sharks. Barring any number of disasters, I'll be enjoying (as I am today) remarkable good health. And here I am, with an ambition to immortalize the inside of my skull with the production of words.

Funny, that's the same ambition I had when I was eighteen. Difference is, then the words went on paper, and I was my own sole audience most of the time. Today, the words go into the mysterious ether of cyberspace, and are read by folks I may or may not know.

So let me introduce myself.

By profession, vocation, gifts and social context, I'm a preacher, that is, an interpreter of ancient texts, or more precisely, an interpreter of life itself within the context of a community which respects, among other things, those ancient texts.

So every Sunday I get up in front of between fifty and a hundred people and think out loud. Here in this space, albeit in somewhat different fashion, I expect also to think out loud.

You're welcome to eavesdrop on my thoughts.
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