godnix (greyfeld) wrote,


 Okay, since I invented this word yesterday, I ought to give you some sort of definition.  I was doing a tongue-in-cheek discourse involving a very rough analogy between blogging and personal relationships, namely, that loyalty to one's favorite blogging/journaling/socialnetworking site bears some slight resemblance to a commitment to one's significant other.  

So I had noticed that having neglected LiveJournal for quite a while, even though she was my first love in this online communicative sense, and had flirted with a whole variety of what I called sexier temptresses:  might as well name just a few, let's see, MySpace (a brief fling; really, she meant nothing to me; okay, okay, I still see her once in a while, but it's just for old times sake, a few laughs, knowwhatimean?), Blogger (blind date arranged by a mutual friend) Facebook (party scene), Twitter (a flirt and a tease) and the one I go home to at night these days, WordPress (where I tuck in my serious blog entries and kiss them goodnight.)  Okay, you get the idea.  If I were maintaining this many relationships with women at all these levels, I'd be a polygamist; so I made up a word, to describe this electronic version of infidelity (or perhaps, over-committedness):  I am a polyblogist.

Is that clearer now?   

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