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A quick update or two...

So, yes, we went on this 3-day thing in the Poconos.  I kept my promise not to answer the phone; though I did listen to voicemails.  Took the laptop,didn't use it much.  The gathering was less well attended than some years, but the content was good:  some focus and discussions on "spiritual disciplines."  Perhaps all that should go on a t-shirt or something.  During Tuesday afternoon break, went to a nearby driving range and swung a golf club for the first time in at least 3 years; that was good for me.  Meanwhile, the same day, Smiley received, through prayer and the laying on of hands, a measure of healing in the excruciating pain in her knee; was able to stand up and walk better than she's done for quite a few weeks.  That relief lasted through our return home and her visit to the medical man, who prescribed something that made it even better.  Yay for religion and science!

Yesterday I read (thanx to Amazon and Kindle) Phil Rickman's newest novel, a bit of historical fiction featuring John Dee.  If you like Rickman's peculiar mix of religion and mystery (I do), this is a must-read, especially as he adds dollops of real history and a good bit of Arthurian lore.  This kept me up past midnight, turning electronic pages.  However, I find the drawback of an e-book to be that it's not so easy to pass the bound volume to the next family member with the stern command:  "Read!"

Now that I'm officially (chronologically) creeping past what used to be called middle age (but sixty is the new forty, they say:  pah!), by a strange confluence of events I'm also in better physical shape than, maybe, ever, with room for improvement still coming.  

News flash:  Today I played Happy Homeowner and fixed the lock on the front door. The latch had stopped moving, so if you went out it wasn't possible to get back in.  Took the thing apart and found a little rod, maybe an inch and a quarter, broken in two pieces.  Looked around the basement until we found something that would do (the handle to an old chuck key); cut it to length with a bit of difficulty, and saved the price of a new lockset.  In the process we demolished the deadbolt to the same door, but such is the price of progress. 

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