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It's a great life

Rainy this morning, icy tonight; the month's paycheck totally spoken for; multiple demands on time and attention; too much to read, not enough time; too much that wants writing, not enough time; fascists in the white house, only dim hopes for change; ricin in the senate, and what ever became of the anthrax anyway -? looks like I was right last year to say that saddam had no wmds; too much is on the news, too little substance; disaster is the human condition, and yet there is chocolate; fear, hatred, greed, beauty and generosity coexist. I understand too much, and know too little; am content to wait, but want everything; and live in the fundamental conviction that all of this is worth it.

Or, in the words of an old favourite:

Here's a little world you can all join in with, it's very simple and I hope it's new.
Make your own life up if you want to, any old life that you think will do.
Love you, it's nothing new, there's someone much worse off than you are
Help me set them free, just be what you want to be
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